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zaterdag 29 mei 2010

[10BCCD] Nathan Fake - Drowning In A Sea Of Love (2006)


I don't know what to think about this album. Some tracks are very good, like "Superpositions", "Charlie's House" and "Bumblechord". The Guitars by Vincent Oliver on Long Sunny are nice too. The rest of the album is kinda crappy. I think Nathan Fake sometimes trying too hard. Other DJ's who remix his tracks often do a much better job with it.

1: Stops
2: Grandfathered
3: Charlie's House
4: Bumblechord
5: Superpositions
6: Bawsey
7: The Sky Was Pink
8: You Are Here
9: Falmer
10: Long Sunny (Guitars by Vincent Oliver)
11: Fell

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