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zaterdag 29 mei 2010

[10BCX] Nathan Fake - Silent Night (2005)

My favourite Christmas track. Some people think Nathan Fake went over the top with this one, but I think it's legendary. This single's B-side gives you Grandfathered, which is also one of my favorite tracks of Nathan Fake.

A: Silent Night
B: Grandfathered

[10BCR] Nathan Fake - Drowning in a Sea of Remixes (2006)

[10BCR] Nathan Fake - Drowning in a Sea of Remixes (Rapidshare)

This EP has some of the best remixes of the whole Border Community. The Apparat version of "Charlie's House" is one of my most played songs overall. Fairmont's remix is very cool too. You recognize the sound of Fairmont immediately. There is also a rather weird, but brilliant version of "You Are There" mixed by Fortdax.

A1: Charlie's House (Apparat Remix)
A2: Long Sunny (Vincent Oliver Remix)
B1: Long Sunny (Fairmont Remix)
B2: You Are There (Fortdax Remix)

[10BCCD] Nathan Fake - Drowning In A Sea Of Love (2006)


I don't know what to think about this album. Some tracks are very good, like "Superpositions", "Charlie's House" and "Bumblechord". The Guitars by Vincent Oliver on Long Sunny are nice too. The rest of the album is kinda crappy. I think Nathan Fake sometimes trying too hard. Other DJ's who remix his tracks often do a much better job with it.

1: Stops
2: Grandfathered
3: Charlie's House
4: Bumblechord
5: Superpositions
6: Bawsey
7: The Sky Was Pink
8: You Are Here
9: Falmer
10: Long Sunny (Guitars by Vincent Oliver)
11: Fell

[09BC] Fairmont - Gazebo - Gazelle (2006)

[09BC] Fairmont - Gazebo - Gazelle (Rapidshare)

Fairmont is the alias of DJ Jake (or Jacob) Fairley. Cool EP from a cool DJ with his own sound. This edition contains a bonus track by Sebastien Léger.

1: Gazebo (Original Mix)
2: Gazebo (Sebastien Léger Remix)
3: Gazebo (Tool)
4: Gazelle  (Original Mix)
5: Gazelle (Tool)

[08BC] Extrawelt Soopertrack - Zu Fuss (2005)

[08BC] Extrawelt Soopertrack - Zu Fuss (Rapidshare)

Another one of my favorites Extrawelt. Very minimalistic, electronic and psychedelic music. The "Mutter Mix" of "Zu Fuss" is a real recommendation. Really dark and emotional.

1: Superfool Tool
2: Soopertrack
3: Zu Fuss (Mutter Mix)
4: Zu Fuss (Original Mix)

[07BC] Dextro - Do You Need Help (2004)

[07BC] Dextro - Do You Need Help

The first and only release from Dextro on Border Community. The original mix by Dextro himself is down-tempo, lounge-like. The "Holden Noise Tool" is not my favorite, but the mix by the MFA is brilliant.

1: Do You Need Help (Original Version)
2: Do You Need Help (Holden Noise Tool)
3: Do You Need Help (The MFA Help Help Remix)
4: Do You Need Help (Holden Acoustic Tool)

[06BC] Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (2004)

[06BC] Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (Rapidshare)

Nathan Fake's greatest hit. Interesting backstory to the track is that Nathan Fake spent a whole night in a green tent and when he got out in the morning his eyes had grown so accustomed to the color, that his vision was distorted and he perceived the "sky as pink". (See cover)
The remix by James Holden turned out to be part of the breakthrough of James Holden himself, but also of Border Community as a label. After that all the other connected DJ's also went up in popularity. 

A1: The Sky Was Pink (Original Live Take)
A2: The Sky Was Pink (Icelandic Version)
B1: The Sky Was Pink (Holden Remix)
B2: The Sky Was Pink (Holden Tool)

[05BC] Petter - Six Songs EP (2004)

[05BC] Petter - Six Songs EP (Rapidshare)

I first heard of Petter on James Holden's "Balance 005". I really think this is one of the best, if not the best DJ's on the Border Community label. I can be short about this; Listen to it!

A1: All Together
B1: Left Turned
B2: Dica Drive
C1: Modern Eternity
D1: Tone Diary
D2: My Pretty Guitar

[04BC] Avus - Real (2003)

[04BC] Avus - Real (Rapidshare)

A very strong release, this one. The original by Avus is quite minimal with a catchy tune, some hits and claps and some sort of psychadelic flow on the background. The remix by Nathan Fake is more uptempo. Overall this track is more techno-like, while when the track reaches it's climax it also reminded me of some Goa I used to listen.

A: Real (Original Mix)
B: Real (Nathan Fake Remix)

[03BC] The MFA - The Difference It Makes (2004)

[03BC] The MFA - The Difference It Makes (Rapidshare) 

I really love this one. It is also the first track of James Holden's "Balance 005". The remix by Petter (Petter Nordkvist) is very good too.

A1: The Difference It Makes (Original Mix)
A2: The Difference It Makes (MFA Fungle Fix)
B: The Difference It Makes (Petter's Different Version)

[02BC] Nathan Fake - Outhouse (2003)

[02BC] Nathan Fake - Outhouse (Rapidshare)

Nathan Fake's first official release. This EP contains 3 versions of Outhouse, which are all very different. I can't decide which one is best. I like them all.. 

1: Outhouse (Main Mix)
2: Outhouse (Fluffy Mix)
3: Outhouse (Beaty Tool Mix)

[01BC] James Holden - A Break In The Clouds (2003)

[01BC] James Holden - A Break In The Clouds (Rapidshare) 

The first release on the Border Community label. This 12" vinyl was released in July 2003. I like the main mix best.

A1: A Break In The Clouds (Main Mix)
A2: A Break In The Clouds (Fluffapella)
B1: A Break In The Clouds (Beats Tool)
B2: A Break In The Clouds (Ambient Version)